ZANAJ Storage Bamboo Organizer for Kitchen Drawer

Simplify your life by building a ziploc bag organizer.  This ziploc bag organizer is super easy and fast to build with basic materials.  It is designed to fit gallon, snack, sandwich and quart sized bags.  It’s a solid piece that can be easily pulled from the drawer.  Refilling is easy from the top.  

Can be customized to fit your drawer size.

Why You Need this Ziploc Bag Organizer

  • No more searching for the right size ziploc bag
  • You’ll know when you need to buy more ziploc bags
  • Cleans up your drawer and optimize the space in your drawer
  • Standalone organizer can be removed from the drawer
  • Wood design helps compartmentalize a drawer, acting as a divider in larger drawers
  • Can be used for reused ziploc bags with easy to load top

Ana White’s DIY Ziploc Bag Organizer Features

  • Just one 1×3 and some scrap 1/4″ plywood to build (if you have plywood scraps, could be about $3 to build!)
  • Top load – no moving parts to break.  Simply stuff bags in from the top.
  • Sized for standard ziploc bag packs: 50 Gallons, 50 Quarts, 125 Sandwich, 120 Snack
  • Customizeable to fit your kitchen style and drawer size
  • Makes a great gift that will be appreciated but not expensive!

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